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Workers Compensation Claim Lawyers. Drummond Law fights for workers compensation claims in Illinois. If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall incident, construction accident, or another work-related accident, our experienced Workers Compensation Lawyers are dedicated to recovering the most damages for workers’ compensation claims. Our job as Illinois Workers Compensation Claim Attorneys is to protect you and your family during this trying time and make sure that you have access to resources during your recovery period.

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Common Workers Compensation Injury Claims Carlinville, IL

While Illinois’ workers compensation rate is below the national average, hundreds of employees are injured in work-related accidents every year. One of the most common workers compensation claims is lost wages. On average, injured employees reported at least 3 missed work days due to their injuries. Other common workers compensation claims include:

  • Repetitive Trauma – rheumitoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome are the two most common work-related conditions
  • Chronic Pain – chronic pain, most often back or neck pain, that requires continual treatment
  • Back Injuries – spinal cord damage, herniated discs, and other damage sustained in to the lumbar region and cervical spine. Commonly occurs during slip and fall accidents
  • Neck Injuries – sprains, strains, and fractures – often occurs during slip and falls and job vehicle-related accidents
  • Hand, Wrist, and Finger Injuries – using faulty machinery or working without being given proper safety advice could result in catastrophic hand, wrist, and finger injuries, which if not treated immediately, can turn into severe and chronic health conditions

After a workplace accident, injured employees need to gather evidence from the accident, seek immediate treatment from the employer’s designated physician and their primary physician, and consult a Workers Compensation Lawyer about whether they can recover damages for their case.

Illinois Workers Compensation Settlements

Illinois’ workers compensation laws require employers that exceed the employee threshold to purchase workers compensation insurance, keep track of injured employee’s claims, and immediately report accidents involving fatalities or more than three missed workdays. On the other side of things, injured employees must adhere to the following rules to have their claims accepted.

Workers compensation victims must report job-related accidents and related injuries within 45 days of an incident. Evidence from the accident should include proof from both the employer’s treating physician and the victim’s primary physician, and witness reports of the accident. In addition to reporting the accident to their employer, injured employees looking to recover compensation for damages have up to two years from that date to bring a workers compensation claim with the state of Illinois.

Most workers compensation claims can receive at least a portion of damages, but require representation from an attorney. An experienced Workers Compensation Claim Lawyer can make sure that the details of your claim are in order, provide support throughout the claims process, and negotiate the maximum damages for your case.

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If you suffered spinal cord injuries, damage to your neck or back, or other injuries on the job, you need an experienced lawyer to defend your workers’ compensation claim’s right to compensation.

Drummond Law has been the leading choice of residents in Southern Illinois for over 4 decades due to their devotion to achieving optimal results for every client’s case. Our aggressive attorneys take pride in fighting for the rights of Illinois workers’ compensation victims and will work hard to recover a fair settlement for your job-related damages.

For more information on how our Illinois Workers Compensation Claim Lawyers can help with your case, call 800-842-0426 or contact Drummond Law for a free case review.

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