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Violent Crimes Lawyer Illinois

Violent Crimes Lawyer Illinois. Any crime involving violence can be harshly punished in Illinois. State laws penalize actions that result in harm to others. Many times, violent crimes can be charged as felonies, and prosecutors are likely to seek the maximum penalties when an alleged victim is injured or killed, no matter the intent.

At Drummond Law, we believe that everyone accused of a crime deserves the best legal representation. Our violent crimes lawyer team has over 45 years of representing clients in Southern Illinois and throughout the Midwest, and is devoted to protecting your rights. Call us immediately at 800-842-0426 or contact us online for a no-cost, risk-free consultation.

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Violent Crimes Lawyer Illinois: What Constitutes a Violent Crime?

A violent crime (725 ILCS 120/3(c)) is defined as an offense in which a person threatens or uses force upon another person. The violence could be the objective of the crime, such as a murder, or it could be the method in which a crime was committed, such as a robbery. Our violent crimes lawyer has consistently seen the following cases in Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky:

If you or someone you know is facing any of the above charges in Illinois or anywhere else in the Midwest region, call our violent crimes lawyer today at 800-842-0426 or contact us for a no-cost case review. You will want to have an experienced and skilled attorney that can defend your rights and freedoms, as well as look after you and your family during this difficult time.

Violent Crimes Lawyer Illinois: Sentences For Violent Crimes in Illinois

Sentences for violent crimes in Illinois range from 30 days in county jail to life in prison, depending on the type of crime. Much like any other type of case, there is no resolute edict for sentencing. Aggravating factors such as criminal history, nature of the offense, and vulnerability of the alleged victim can increase the maximum penalty. In addition to time in prison, defendants can be sentenced and subjected to:

  • Crime Victims Compensation Act fees
  • Long periods of probation
  • A permanent felony record
  • Difficulty getting a job or finding a place to live
  • Supervised release with strict conditions
  • Losing your professional license and your career in medicine, law, teaching, nursing, pharmacy, or other professions
  • Fines and restitution amounts

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Violent Crimes Lawyer Illinois | Drummond Law

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Illinois, you need to secure the best possible outcome. The ultimate decision will impact the rest of your life. Drummond Law is your answer for the best legal representation. Our violent crimes lawyer team has over 45 years of experience getting success results for our clients in Illinois, Missouri, and throughout the Midwest.

Call us today at 800-842-0426 or contact us online for a risk-free conversation with our violent crimes lawyer.

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