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Social Security Disability Attorneys of Southern Illinois. Founded in 1976, Drummond Law has successfully helped over 10,000 people with their Social Security Disability/Supplemental Security Income, Illinois Workers’ Compensation and multiple Personal Injury and Criminal/Traffic cases.

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Drummond Law, home to your social security disability lawyers of Mt. Olive, IL, has the experience and expertise to help you from the beginning of the process through the end or at any stage in between. Our social security disability attorneys in Mt. Olive, IL, will help answer your questions at any time. The more time we have to work with you, the better our chances are at obtaining the necessary evidence to win your claim. Every claim is different and you need someone in your corner with experience in handling social security disability claims in Mt. Olive, IL. Our social security disability attorneys in Mt. Olive, IL, have decades of experience dealing with the Social Security Administration and fighting for the benefits of those with disabilities. We will will help you get the Illinois social security disability benefits you need and deserve.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability in Mt. Olive, IL?

Under general law and regulations, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability if you can prove that you are unable to work, not only your past job but any job that exists in the United States, because of a medical ailment that has lasted or will last at least a year in time. Our social security disability attorneys in Mt. Olive, IL, will help you prove your claim.

The Illinois Department of Human Services or IDHS, is responsible for determining whether you are eligible to receive social security disability in Illinois. The IDHS provides services to 56 Social Security Adminstration offices throughout Illinois.

Your Social Security Disability lawyers of Mt. Olive, IL at Drummond Law are always available to help. We know the correct path to take, the correct people to contact, the correct red tape to snip. Call us today at 800-842-0426.

There are several injuries and conditions that can qualify an Illinois resident for Social Security Disability. Your Social Security Disability attorneys at Drummond Law can help guide you through the process. The Social Security Administration has regulations that govern how disability is determined, based on a 5-Step Process:

  1. Are You Engaged In Substantial Gainful Activity?
  2. How Severe Are Your Impairments?
  3. Do You Meet the Listing of Impairments?
  4. Can you do your prior work?
  5. Can you do any other type of work?

How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability in Mt. Olive, IL?

Applying for Social Security Disability can appear to be a daunting, bureaucratic process. Your Illinois Social Security Disability lawyers at Drummond Law are here to help. There are multiple ways to sign up for Social Security Disability.See the list here or phone our team of Mt. Olive, IL, Social Security Disability attorneys immediately at 800-842-0426 and let one of our Social Security Disability lawyers help you sign up for your Social Security Disability benefits.

To process your application, the Illinois Division of Health Services and the Social Security Administration ask for the following:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your complete address
  • Your birth certificate or baptismal certificate
  • The names, ages and Social Security numbers of your children and, if applicable, spouse and/or ex-spouse
  • Medical records from your doctors, therapists, hospitals, clinics and caseworkers that you have in your possession
  • Names and dosages of all of your medications
  • Laboratory and test results
  • A list of where you have worked in the past 15 years and a description of your duties for each kind of work you have done
  • A copy of your most recent W-2 Form (Wage and Tax Statement) or, if you are self-employed, your federal tax return from the past year.

You will need to fill out and submit a list of other forms, too. One collects information about your medical diagnosis and how it affects your ability to work. Other forms give doctors and other health care providers who have treated you permission to send the Illinois Division of Health Services and the Social Security Administration information about your medical diagnosis. Do not delay applying for benefits! If you can’t get all of this data together quickly, your Mt. Olive, IL, Social Security Disability lawyers at Drummond Law can help expedite the process and answer any questions you may have. Call us now at 800-842-0426.

Drummond Law provides a number of legal services for Mt. Olive, IL, victims.

Social Security Disability Attorneys of Mt. Olive, IL

No matter your claim or when you intend to file it, you are not required by the government — or any other entity, for that matter — to have a attorney or any other representative working on your behalf. We certainly encourage you to get one of your Social Security Disability attorneys of Mt. Olive, IL at Drummond Law. The Social Security Administration seems to encourage the same, stating: “A representative who is familiar with the Social Security system may provide valuable service to you.”

Talk to Your Social Security Disability Attorneys of Southern Illinois at Drummond Law Now

Drummond Law is your team of Mt. Olive, IL, Social Security Disability attorneys. With over 45 years of experience, and thousands of successful Social Security Disability cases, Drummond Law is here for you, whether that is by phone, in person or online.
Our Social Security Disability attorneys are professional and knowledgeable about the laws.

If you cannot work, obtain the benefits you deserve. Call Drummond Law toll-free at 800-842-0426.

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