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What is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income also known as SSI is a federal program ran by the Social Security Administration that provides extra money to low-income people who are blind, disabled, or over the age of 65. SSI provides cash to those who qualify to help meet basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter.

A person who receives SSDI, can also receive SSI if the members of their household do not earn over a certain amount of money per month. The amount of money a household can earn and still have a member qualify for SSI depends on how many parents and children live in the household as well as other factors.

Unlike SSDI, a person applying for SSI does not have to have worked a certain amount in the past 10 years to qualify for SSI.

Our attorneys at Drummond Law know the requirements of SSI and are here to help ensure our clients get any SSI they deserve. So please do not hesitate to call Drummond Law at 800-842-0426 today if you have any questions about whether you qualify for SSI or how to apply for SSI.

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